Ford to Bring Midsize Ranger Back to U.S. in 2019, Autoblog Checks Up On It Abroad

Ford recently announced it will be reviving an old nameplate for its 2019 lineup: the Ford Ranger. This will be the first time since 2011 the automaker will have a less-than-full-size pickup truck available.

When the Ranger was discontinued in the U.S., it had been a compact truck. Afterward, the Ranger nameplate continued to be sold globally (almost everywhere but the U.S.), but it grew to a mid-size pickup, similar to the Tacoma's proportions.

Many automakers have experimented with tiny pickups, even making sedan-size cars with open bed boxes, but they never seem to last very long. Bigger seems to be better when it comes to a vehicle made for hauling a sizeable payload—or at least more popular.

Still, there is a niche for midsize pickups that many American drivers embrace. Their manageable proportions make them easier for city navigation, lighter on fuel, and off road they can squeeze into tight spots that bigger trucks can't handle.

Check out Autoblog's review of the current global Ranger available in New Zealand to get a sense of the truck's character, but remember, the 2019 Ranger due for sale in the U.S. will be significantly different.

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