Easier Kid-Friendly Road Trips with These Helpful Tips

There's no denying that taking a road trip with your kids along can complicate things a bit but, if you're prepared for it, the trip can be relatively smooth and stress free! Whether you have kids now or you're expecting, it's never a bad idea to have a list of kid-friendly items while you cruise. Take a look below for a quick list of tips and, below that, a video from an experienced mom with more details and some commentary from the kids. From all of us here at Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful, we hope you have a great vacation!

  • Bring along comfy clothes and blankets, as well as some toys
  • Make sure every kid has their own pair of headphones for their own music
  • Be sure to bring your own music, podcasts, and audiobooks!
  • Art supplies, books, and an iPad will help stave off the kids' boredom
  • Healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables will keep everyone from eating junk food
  • Plenty of water bottles
  • Bowls and cups prevent the kids from arguing about food and drink proportions



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