Is It Time to Change Your Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is easy to overlook because it seldom leaks or needs changing. However, every car owner should keep an eye on their vehicle's brake fluid for signs that it may need to be changed.

Brake fluid is what powers automotive brakes by providing the pressure and fluid movement that actuates the cylinders. The cylinders, in turn, clamp brake pads down onto each wheel's rotor to stop your vehicle at a moment's notice. Without brake fluid, your car's brakes wouldn't operate.

Here at Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful, our service center is staffed with qualified service technicians who can check your car's brake fluid and make sure it's still adequate for the brake system. They'll check for leaks and let you know if it’s time for a change to clean fluid. Stop by our location in Bountiful, UT for an inspection anytime.

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