The Three Main Purposes of Your Differential System

Your vehicle is composed of all sorts of different complex systems, each system containing its own individual and inter-working parts. One of the more important and complex systems is your cars differential system. Here at Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful, we will explain the three main purposes of your car’s differential system to see why it is important to have it serviced regularly.

The differential system has three main purposes: first is to bring power from the engine and down into the wheels where it can propel the vehicle. Second, it acts as a mini transmission to provide one final, and specific gear reduction before that power reaches the tires, something that is required because turning tires need to rotate at different speeds. Third and the reason why it is called a differential, to allow different amounts of power to reach tire depending on what each tire needs.

A slipping differential can cause handling issues and be expensive to repair, before you too much damage is done, bring your vehicle to our team at 1800 South Main Street as soon as you notice any grinding or other issues.

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