The Ford Edge ST: Next-Level Power in a Small Package

The Ford Edge ST has been unleashed from the stable, and it has gained a loyal following thanks to its many benefits. Of course, this is the upgraded model of the standard Ford Edge. Whether you're into cruising around your neighborhood or you want to blast down the open highway, this is the vehicle for you.

Yes, we know that this is the high-performance version of the standard Edge, but this SUV comes equipped with a wide array of driver-assisted technologies that will enhance your commute. For complete control of the transmission for spirited driving, Ford has incorporated paddle shifters to boost your thrill. There's even a tachometer display inside of the instrument cluster in which you can view with the press of a button. This model also possesses electronic-throttle programming that delivers a more responsive feel while behind the wheel.

Our selection of the new Ford Edge ST is here. For more in-depth information and a test drive, you'll need to come visit our showroom.



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