At Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful, we believe you deserve maximum value for your auto dollar. We provide it in multiple ways at our Ford sales location. People especially enjoy our participation in Ford's Certified Pre-Owned Program. We'd like to tell you now how it stretches your auto dollar.

While you might choose a new vehicle, Ford's Certified Pre-Owned Program lets you avoid the steep depreciation that typically follows a new car's purchase. Simultaneously, it provides you with a reliable, safe and clean vehicle that offers modern features.

You will be confident in your Certified Pre-Owned Ford due to the program's rigorous standards. Only autos younger than six years are eligible. Further, only vehicles with under 80,000 miles on their odometers pass. And Ford administers a 172-point inspection that checks for wear and safety issues. Professional technicians must replace any part that does not meet Ford's standards before certifying a vehicle. Ultimately, the program gives you a car that feels new.



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