The Ford Mustang Can Match Your Mood

When you think about the Ford Mustang, what comes to mind? How does it make you feel? At Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful, people tell us that a Mustang means a number of things to them. Power, efficiency, beauty - however the Mustang makes you feel, the car's innovative design team has now developed a way for you to display those feelings through sound.

Audio engineers at Ford have worked tirelessly to figure out a way to make an exhaust system with acoustics that you can manipulate as a driver. If you want your car to have a quiet purr, it can do that. Alternatively, if you want to rev your engine like a lion rearing its head, then you can do that too.

Curious to see this innovative acoustics system in action? Pay us a visit here in Bountiful to try a Mustang for a test drive. You might want to end up taking one home with you.


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