The 2020 Explorer is Designed to Handle Passengers and Cargo

The 2020 Ford Explorer is an athletic looking three-row SUV that is gaining popularity. This SUV is packed with lots of features, and the engineers must have spent a lot of time working on its design.

Maximum seating capacity was a major concept during the design of this vehicle. The third row of seating can fold down to accommodate lots of cargo, and with the seats up, you can carry up to seven passengers. If equipped with Active Motion, the driver and front-seat passenger can receive a massage for the lower back, upper back or pelvic region.

The Explorer is designed with Adaptive LED Lighting that adjust according to your vehicle. The headlights turn with the vehicle to provide uncompromised visibility. LED lighting is in the front and rear of the vehicle. With all the impressive designs, what are you waiting for? Come out and take a test drive today.


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