If you have a need for a little extra vigor in your approach to transportation, then all it may take to satisfy your whims is a luxury car that performs like a racer. Luckily, the lavish Lincoln Continental happens to be a true champion in the realm of refined specs, so this futuristic machinery is bound to boost your rep in Bountiful.

The dynamic capabilities of adaptive suspension are absolutely mind-blowing. With three distinct settings, drivers can tackle every type of terrain they face without breaking a sweat. Total freedom is enabled by switching between Sport, Comfort and Normal.

Additionally, the Auto Hold function is a breath of fresh air that lets you relax when the car is at a stop. By taking over the role of brake pedal until the accelerator is pressed again, this technology has enshrined the proper downtime for driver and machine alike. Remember, Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful can show you this and more if you arrange a test drive.


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