The Ford Edge: Spotlight on Technology Features

Each year, the Ford Fleet gets more high tech but remains user friendly. To our Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful team, the Ford Edge epitomizes this feat. Efficient, powerful and comfortable, the Ford Edge has trend-forward tech features in spades.

A Standard Rear View Camera

When in Reverse, you don't have to crane your neck around to see what's behind you. Instead, putting the Ford Edge into Reverse activates its Rear View Camera. Mounted on the Ford Edge's rear, the camera captures a pristine view of what's behind you. The image displays on the center dash, boasting digital guidelines to help you maintain a straight trajectory.

Headlamps That Light Up Automatically

At speeds above 25 miles, the Ford Edge deploys high beams or dims its lights according to external light levels or nearby motorists. When motorists approach or travel in front of you, the Ford Edge automatically dims to low beams. When you're on dark roads alone, the Ford Edge automatically switches back to high beams.



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